Why? Simply put, our Robots are unforgettable!

The ‘why’ is easy! Our robots make you stand out from the crowd and engage with your audience at trade shows and exhibitions. Sometimes you just need a little help getting your key messages across and that’s where we can help.

Our robots pride themselves on getting people to listen to what you have to say. We turn the audience into fans leaving you the much simpler task of turning fans into customers. Our robots provide this missing link in the chain that you’ve been looking for!

They can introduce new products, present key messages, entertain and interact with your guests. They can do all this whilst also delivering scripts that you’ve written yourself – sounds like the perfect salesman to us!

The future is here…


Refreshingly reliable after-dinner speakers

Our robots are a spectacular alternative to the traditional after-dinner speaker.

For award ceremonies, corporate evenings and any other event that requires an entertaining speaker. While the brandy is being passed, our robots keep a clear head and bring an extra something that people will never forget. In fact, they won’t slur their words, stray into inappropriate territory or drift off into an awkward silence.

Perhaps most importantly, our robots make sure people will be talking about your event long after it finishes.

Our robots are refreshingly funny and reliably sober.  Exuberant, cheeky and bold, they will get your guests laughing for all the right reasons.

Let a Robot say it for you

Looking for a different way to deliver a message?

It can be challenging to turn events into exciting and motivational experiences. If you have a piece of awesome news to share, you can make it even more memorable by getting a robot to deliver it for you.

Further more, we always attract the event media! Check out the image on the right where the IMTS TV crew wanted to get a piece of Boris! We created a custom script for our customer and the TV station then and there for maximum impact.

These are the kind of things that no one can plan for. However, rest assured, our Robo4hire technicians looking after you at the event will do whatever they can when the moment requires it.




Robotic technology, 1st class customer service

With Robo4hire, hiring a robot is only the beginning.

We provide a complete robot for hire service which is unique in the UK. All our robots are delivered to your site accompanied by two expert technicians who stay with you for the duration of your event.

Organising and managing events can be stressful. However, our service means you can focus on everything else and rest in the knowledge that we’ll bring the crowds to your booth, guests will be entertained and our technicians will be at your booth for any support.

You can simply sit back and enjoy the robot along with your guests.