Our Robots are unforgettable

Robo4hire robots can turn a normal event into an unforgettable one.

Technology has allowed robots to step out of our imaginations and now we can bring them straight to the heart of your corporate event.

Our robots are fully-programmable, allowing them to engage with your audience in many exciting and different ways.  They can introduce new products, present key messages, entertain your guests by enacting favourite movie moments or deliver scripts that you’ve written yourself.

Using telepresence and other technnologies, you can delight your guests further by making the robots talk with them, recognise their mood or even change their skin colour.


Refreshingly reliable after-dinner speakers

Our robots are a spectacular alternative to the traditional after-dinner speaker.

For award ceremonies, corporate evenings or any other event that requires an entertaining speaker while the brandy is being passed, our robots bring an extra something that people will never forget.

Perhaps most importantly, our robots make sure your event is unforgettable in the best possible way: they won’t slur their words, stray into inappropriate territory or drift off into an awkward silence.

Our robots are refreshingly funny and reliably sober.  Exuberant, cheeky and bold, they will get your guests laughing for all the right reasons.

Let a Robot say it for you

Looking for a different way to deliver a message?

It can be challenging to turn internal team events into exciting or motivational days.  If you have a piece of awesome news to share, you can make it even more memorable by getting a robot to deliver it for you.

By the same token, if your announcement is less than popular, a friendly robotic face can brighten everyone’s day.

Many of our customers have learned that engaging a Robo4hire robot to break difficult or dull news means your messaging hits its mark, without you carrying the burden of having to say it yourself.


Robot technology, with no technical hitches

With Robo4hire, hiring a robot is only the beginning.

We provide a complete robot for hire service which is unique in the UK.  All our robots are delivered to your site accompanied by an expert technician who stays with them for the duration of your booking.

Our robots are fully programmable and routines can be tailored to suit your company event and messaging.  They are also robust and reliable so technical hitches are unlikely.  However, if something does go wrong, our technician will quickly have it sorted.

Our service means you get all the kudos of having a life-sized robot to host your event without having to worry about any potential technical hitches.

Your job is simply to enjoy the robot along with your guests.