Hire Packages

Our humanoid robots grab the attention of everyone who walks by, engages with them, entertains them and even sneaks in a few words about what YOU have to offer. Sounds like the best salesman to us! See our packages below…

  • Up to 10 minutes of custom animation routines. These are pre-programmed in the weeks prior to the event. We work with you to develop scripts and are usually made up of lots of short separate routines mixed with a few longer ones.
  • Mixed with your custom animations, we also include all our entertainment routines. This include singing, guess the movie scene and guess your age to name a few.
  • Use of a kiosk (normally located next to the robot) to play pre-programmed routines. This allows customers to control the robot and trigger all of the above. Another feature to get people on your stand and to create a busy atmosphere.
  • Transportation/logistics costs to and from your event (only for events in the UK), plus set up and dismantling.
  • In addition, we also offer use of our internet provision, which is provided separately, in order to ensure internet coverage is available. Internet connectivity is required!
  • Every robot comes with wifi as standard.

Includes all STANDARD features plus:

  • You’re no longer restricted to 10 minutes of custom animation routines!
  • Unlimited! Our technicians will be available to create ‘on the fly’ routines during the event. We understand that changes might want to be made at the event so this package gives you that flexibility. We’ll either edit or add to routines with new scripts, whatever you want!

Includes all BRONZE & SILVER features PLUS:

  • Tele-presence! This allows you to speak through, control and see through the robot LIVE. The software automatically renders your lip movements in synch with the robot! A tablet is provided to control the movement as well as mood colour. This includes the use of a radio headset (microphone and headphones).
  • If there is no-one available from your team to ‘act through’ the robot, we will help you to find a performance or voiceover artist, who is able to rehearse the routines, in order for them to sound as authentic as possible, at your event.
  • This is the ultimate in simulating a fully AI and interactive robot! As far as your customers are concerned, the future has arrived!

Unsure about suitable robot hire packages, no problem! You can also find us on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter and facebook for much more content!