Technical Features

Our robots are life-sized humanoids.  They are real robots, not actors in robot suits.

Robo4hire robots are technologically advanced and fully programmable.  Created by UK robotics innovators, Engineered Arts, all our robots come with pre-programmed routines as standard, with many more features available.

Powered by electricity, their movements are driven by compressed air – you can hear this in some of the videos where the robots are moving a lot.

The robots body is lit with RGB LED lighting in five zones: face, upper torso, lower torso, left and right arms.  Each zone is independently controllable.

Our robots are as lovable as they are advanced; they want nothing more than to interact with humans.  In standby mode, the robot will automatically track passers-by and attempt to make eye contact by moving its head to follow them.

Our robots recognise movement and can be programmed to respond.  For example, if a robot detects someone is waving at them, they will point a finger and track the movement of the waving hand.

See How I Work

Select pre-programmed routines assigned via QR code such as famous Hollywood movie moments, or write your own script for the robot to read. When the robots sees the QR code, it responds accordingly. Requires LAN connectivity.

The SHORE™ facial recognition ID system enables a robot to guess someone's age, mood and gender. Despite not being 100% accurate (often with hilarious results) this is a very effective and popular feature so be sure to mention at enquiry if you want a robot enabled with SHORE.

Telepresence allows you to control robot interaction with your guests via tablet including speech, body movements and even skin colour. A guest talks to the robot through a standard microphone, which you hear through headphones.

Our robots are all English speakers by default but other languages are available. We are able to send our robots to many international destinations and will always endeavour to meet your international requirements. Extra language installations carry additional fees.

Robo4hire is a fully managed robot for hire service, including expert technical support, delivery, set up and collection at the end of your event. This complete service is currently unique in the UK. We take care of any robot technical eventuality, allowing you to focus on the rest of your event.

Our robots are controlled via a separate kiosk or a laptop with enabled software. Every robot comes with its own onboard Wi-Fi router and kiosk as part of all hire packages. Through the kiosk, the robot can delight your guests repeatedly with its pre-programmed routines.

Robot Dimensions

Minus Floor BaseIncluding Floor Base
Robot Weight33 KG37 KG
Robot Height1750 MM1780 MM
Robot Width (Shoulder to Shoulder)410 MM600 MM
Robot Width (Arms Fully Extended)1750 MM1750 MM

Floor Base Dimensions

Kiosk Weight30 KG
Kiosk Height1006 MM
Kiosk Width472 MM
Kiosk Width420 MM

Floor Base Dimensions

Base Weight4 KG
Base Depth30 MM
Base Length650 MM
Base Width600 MM

Air Compressor Dimensions

Compressor Height600 MMV
Compressor Weight37 KG

Bring your event to life with a robot

  • Robo4hire is a fully managed robot hire service
  • We cover all technical and logistical needs of your robot
  • You are free to network and enjoy your event



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