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Robo4hire specialises in providing real robots as presenters, hosts, entertainers or after-dinner speakers for corporate and other events and exhibitions. Here are some FAQs…

Our robots are created to make you stand out from the crowd.

Our robots are entertainers which delight, amuse and amaze us humans! Each one of them draws huge amounts of attention to your trade stand by standing out, engaging with your audience, talking about your products and services, and taking people by surprise. Our robots make your event unforgettable!

Their portfolio of talents makes them incredibly versatile, able to capture an audience as host, presenter, after-dinner speaker, trade stand entertainer and more.

All you have to do is enjoy the robots as much as your guests, whilst we take care of everything else.

Call us today to find out more on 01883 621000 or 07490 765 496


    They are actual robots, not people dressed as robots!  Designed to entertain, they draw massive amounts of attention towards your trade stand or booth and engage with your audience by talking about your products as well as entertain through jokes, singing, doing movie impressions and much more! From small and less formal sessions, to large venue exhibitions, they steal the show! What’s more, we bring the robot to you and take care of technical and logistical requirements, leaving you to enjoy the event.  And, of course, the robot!

  • There are three packages; Bronze, Silver and Gold (see Hire Packages for more information).

    All packages include:

    • Transportation of the robot to and from your venue (for UK customers only)
    • Set up, installation and dismantling of the robot
    • Operation of the robot throughout the event by our roboteer team
    • Access to our roboteers, to prepare pre-programmed routines for your event
    • Insurance cover, to cover most eventualities (for UK customers only)
    • Call us 01883 621 000 or 07490 765 496 to discuss your vision and ideas.
    • We can answer any and all the questions you may have!
    • Then we can agree a suitable package for your event or client.
    • Share the event address, required number of robots, event dates along with your details.
    • We can then provide a full itemised quote within 24 hours.


    • We’re happy to liaise with any third parties, such as your venue contacts, to take care of logistics
    • You can sit back and enjoy the event, watching the robot work its magic by bringing a huge amount of attention to your booth!
    1. The robot has three flight cases, two for the robot, one for the kiosk.
    2. Along with the robot, an air compressor is also provided in a forth box.
    3. A 2 man roboteer team are included and manage the robot throughout your event. They will be available to your at all times during the event.
    4. Along with your custom scripts, we also being our own selection of entertaining animations
    5. Customer service is our first priority so we will endeavour to accommodate any additional requirements/changes at your event.
  • Yes, block bookings are available. Just call us 01883 621000 or 07490 765 496 to discuss your requirements.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, our robots have been all over the world. Once you provide us with the event address and dates, we can provide an itemised quote which will include freight for the robot/s, accommodation and travel for 2 roboteers.

  • Our standard package includes up to 10-minutes of pre-programmed material, to perform at an event. The other packages include a higher time allowance.

    We help you to generate scripts that we know will resonate with your audience, based on our experience of using robots at a wide-range of events. Depending on your scripts, it can take us up to 2 weeks to pre-program the custom animation routines, share them with you, revise and get them approved. With that in mind, we need as much notice as possible when placing your order.

  • Other languages are available but carry a fee. Please enquire to see if the language you require is available and for costs.

  • There are two options for this.

    Our Gold package includes the option to use tele-presence where a person speaks through the robot using a headset. Using the built in mic and forehead camera, they can respond to questions and create the illusion that the robot is thinking and speaking for itself, total AI.

    Secondly, both our other packages are capable of interacting with your audience. However this is through pre-programmed routines which we can trigger to suit what the audience is doing. The robot can ask for selfies and answer ‘yes’ and ‘no’, however full interaction is limited to what has been scripted before the event and what our roboteers can do ‘on-the-fly’!

    Call us for more information on 01883 621000 or 07490 765 496.

  • Our team have got this down to a fine art. Usually we can install the robot and uninstall it in around 40 minutes. Obviously, this is entirely dependent upon where the power source is, how far the air compressor is from the robot and so on.

  • Robo4hire is a standalone company. It is also part of a larger enterprise, 360Globalnet, specialising in providing innovative and disruptive technologies to the insurance, healthcare, asset management, motor trade and housing sectors.

Bring your event to life with a robot

  • Robo4hire is a fully managed robot hire service
  • We cover all technical and logistical needs of your robot
  • You are free to network and enjoy your event



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