Norris the Robot increases social reach by 300% for legal firm

Norris the Robot Robo4hire at MiM

FBC Manby Bowdler needed a show-stopping feature for their stand at an  annual exhibition. Norris the robot proved he was more than just a pretty face.

Performance veterans always warn against working with children and animals – but not robots. A delighted Robo4hire customer shares their experience of having Robothespian humanoid robot, Norris, on their event stand and the impact he had on delegates, including how he:

  • Extended Social media reach by 300% over the week
  • Improved on-stand engagement with fewer staff
  • Tailored his performance to offer topical and personalised experience for delegates

Norris the Robot Robo4hire at MiM

The Made in the Midlands (MiM) event is the largest in FBC Manby Bowdler’s annual calendar.

As patrons of this prominent manufacturing network, the 200-year-old legal firm wanted to deliver more than just a table top display and pop up stand at its annual exhibition.

Norris the robot from Robo4hire was selected to add a new dimension to the event.

“As soon as we saw Norris we knew he would speak to our target audience both literally and figuratively,” explains Laura Jones, Marketing Manager at FBC Manby Bowdler.

The manufacturing industry in the Midlands dates back to the sixteenth century and now it’s going through a fresh period of significant evolution with automation dominating processes. Smart factories are becoming widespread: AI and the Internet of Things are primary discussion topics.”

Attracting attention at busy trade events is always a challenge and MiM was no exception. Goals were set to further build brand awareness, extend reach and generate viable leads. Norris was put to work immediately.

The result? FBC Manby Bowdler saw a 300% increase in social media reach pre and post event. Norris the robot was an incredible conversation starter and the star of their #FBCMBNorrisSelfie competition.

Norris the Robot Robo4hire MiM

Download the full customer success story here to learn how Norris made MiM an unforgettable event.

“I highly recommend Robo4hire and Norris. The team were totally committed to our event and worked around our needs on the day.”




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