News: Robo4hire enters new era

September 2018 brought some significant changes to Robo4hire.

As a branch of our parent company, 360Globalnet, Robo4hire has taken somewhat of a back-seat ride until now. However, with the new appointment of Leo Montgomery as Director of Operations (Robo4hire), a new focus to customer service is here to stay.

1st class customer service is now at the forefront of our client experience. Right from the first enquiry we’re driven to help you achieve your vision for the event and attract the maximum amount of attention. You don’t have to worry about dealing with multiple people either; the Robo4hire representative that you plan the event with will also attend as your roboteer technician. This simple detail alone ensures continuity, enables better collaboration and communication and ultimately better results at your show.

Once you’re happy with the the plan, we then turn our attention to your event – we always provide 2 technicians with the robots at every event we go to, one of which being the account manager you’ve been liaising with since you first enquired about hiring robots. Our business is robots but that doesn’t mean our customer service has to be robotic.

We’ve also begun showcasing our service. Our website is good for finding out the facts about Robo4hire, how we can help and why you show hire a robot for your event. However our social media accounts enable you to see us and the robots in action. Do take a look at our Instagram account and see how our other clients are benefiting.

“I’m hugely excited to work with the awesome team here at 360Globalnet. We’ve got a proven product and no one will match us for customer service.” Leo Montgomery, Director of Operations (Robo4hire)


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